Most Excellent Running

Just got back from my run this morning and I’m not sure when was the last time I’ve enjoyed a run so much. Schedule called for a one-hour hilly run; for some reason, this just filled my heart with joy. I was looking forward to the run!

Some of it probably has to do with our quality workouts from the past couple of weeks. When we were in Zilker Park, I realized that I felt quite good running up the little hill. Is this from the cycling? Strength training? Being “Ironfit,” as a friend would say?

Ironfit: adjective. Possessing the proper physical conditioning to complete at 140.6-mile triathlon trademarked event known as Ironman.

Who knows, but I feel strong. Another couple of factors contributing to the positive mood were surely the cooler temperature, lovely breeze, and slightly overcast morning.

I picked about the hilliest route in my ‘hood that I could do. I managed to run UP both the big hills on Lost Horizon (one going out and the other as I came back in), the complete out-and-back on Floral Park, and the uphill on Rain Creek between the ends of Lost Horizon. I filled out my time with an out-and-back on Bluegrass to complete the hour.

Would you believe I hadn’t run this route since ’05? I’ve been off-road and doing other things since then. And while my time was a bit slower, the last time I ran it was in January and I was doing nothing but road then.

I love changing my training up like this — it makes me all excited about running again in what feels like a new way — but I’m still basically doing the same old stuff.



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  1. Thanks for sharing your run….

    Your positive energy helped me out when I went out for my evening run! I wasn\’t looking forward to it, but reading your post inspired me to think positive. I enjoyed mine also….I felt so strong and happy. A shower and a glass of wine later…I was still feeling the high….thanks!

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