Back from the Beach

The 2008 family trip to Port Aransas was fun. We took our time driving there on Thursday, stopping in Fannin, Texas at McMillian’s Bar-B-Que for some really excellent brisket and nice conversation with the owner.

The hubby and I had a short run on the beach Friday morning (4 miles at right about 40 minutes) but the majority of the exercise on the trip was nothing more strenuous than paddling around in the pool or lounging by the waves. All day Friday, we hung out at the ocean, made things in the sand, splashed in the waves, and relaxed.

I got massively sunburned on my back–it’s hilarious because, when I looked at it closely, I realized the parts that burned were those that had always been covered by my bike jersey or tri top. In other words, that was all virgin skin! I’d only been outside in my “real” bathing suit once this whole spring and summer.

Saturday we went bay fishing and I managed to catch a slew of trout and two nice-sized flounder. We ate some of the fish that night and they were quite tasty. Everything is better fresh.

On Sunday, the boy child and I got up early so I could take him to soccer camp in Dallas. That was a LONG day of driving. Once he was situated, I turned around and drove back home to Austin. Total mileage=654.

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