Friends, the Family You Choose

A friend had a Lincoln quote on her blog today about friends. My day today was bookended with friends, and right now I feel so thankful for the people in my life. Friends are the family you choose…and somehow these people chose me and I them, and I feel the better person for it all.
Few things make me happier than time with friends.

I started this morning with a rare (for me) early morning workout (feet down at 6:00AM!) with Cathy and Ginny, who I hadn’t seen in forever. It was so fun running hard together, walking back in, and then chatting about this and that while standing in the parking lot.  And then Cathy and I had a coffee and taco break at Torchy’s and spent some time getting more caught up. I tell you, now that we’re not Ironman training, it doesn’t seem like I see her nearly enough.

During the day, I did at-home things. I ran the kids’ old stuffed animals and books over to donate to Safe Place, stopped by Half Price Books to sell of fthe remaining garage sale adult books (and pick out a few new good ones, natch), and then got to cut my girl child’s hair, which was special and fun.

This evening, our family all went separate ways: our son to a friend’s birthday party, hubby and girl child (plus “my Mormon daughter,” girl child’s friend) to see The Dark Knight, and I got to meet a trail-runner group of girlfriends (and one hubby) I hadn’t seen in quite some time. One just returned to the U.S. from spending the last six months in London, so it was a welcome home get-together in addition to simply celebrating all that has passed in our lives during that time. Because I’d been so focused on road/tri stuff, I hadn’t had time for the other two girls, who are active in a variety of trail events and runs and groups (not to mention work and lives).

It was so nice: you know a true friend because you can just drop in after time apart and you still feel close, no matter what has passed.


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0 thoughts on “Friends, the Family You Choose

  1. Ahhh…good times!

    It sounds like a great day! I wish I could get going at 6:00am…..8:00am was pretty warm today. My 40 minute run took 45 minutes:(!!! I hope to catch up with you soon!

  2. Last night was great! It was so good to see you and Stephanie and Noelle and finally catch up in person about all the amazing things everyone has been doing! We definitely need to do this more often – whether over a run or drinks … or maybe a run, then drinks. 🙂


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