Sunday Ride

Yesterday, we hit the ACA Pfinally Pflugerville route for our bike ride.  It was me, Cathy, Claire, my hubby, and our friend Carrie who is finally back from vacation. We made one very nice change; instead of starting from the high school and beginning with the busy Kelly Lane section, we started from Lake Pflugerville and picked up the 47-mile route from there. Kelly Lane doesn’t seem all that long, but that change surprisingly cuts off a total of 4 miles.

There is such a difference in traffic between Saturday morning and Sunday morning. While I would really prefer to do my rides on Saturday and my runs on Sunday in order to practice on tired legs, it just seems so much safer to switch it. And with my focus being more on run right now, perhaps that is for the best.

I spent the afternoon lazing in a friend’s pool for most of the afternoon. A good girlfriend of mine puts on what she calls “Estrogen Fest” every summer–an all women’s party of pool lounging and beverages and social networking. It’s a great time, and I had some wonderful conversations, saw people I hadn’t seen in years, and met some new great girls.

Today I am off to try out the new ab class at the Northwest Austin YMCA. My core is a priority now; I’ve been doing my jump rope and “shaking the baby” with my medicine ball while I watch TV, and now I’m going to make this class a habit (hopefully). I’m also going to get the machine tutorial at the NW Y–I’ve never really felt comfortable on their machines and it’s just stupid, considering I have the resource available to learn.

With this heat, I figure any workouts I can do inside are a bonus.  105 degrees yesterday!!

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