Muscles (or Lack Thereof)

Evidently, a goodly amount of the muscles targeted in Cardio Agility class are my bike riding muscles in my legs and butt.

It is interesting, as it is a known fact that I have zilch upper body strength and so I expected to be sore in my shoulders and arms; nope, they feel great.

I figured I’d be sore in my abs from all the crunches, etc., but again, all that stuff feels fine.

Because I’m a runner, logically, I surmised my legs would be fine–WRONG. Because I was still stiff and sore in sections of my quads and glutes, I switched my easy run today to an easy bike. The minute I got on the bike and started off, those achey muscles screamed at me. AHA!

No wonder I fall behind on hills and am not as fast as some others; I need better muscles.

Coach Meredith’s workout yesterday actually did a lot to alleviate the hurt. So did another Epsom salt and apple cider vinegar bath. And I finally broke down and took some ibuprophen.  T

his kind of hurt makes me feel like a Cheeto-eatin’ couch potato, and that makes me mad.

It’s all connected. The weaknesses in my muscles are the weak links in my bike. They are also the muscles that I need to use to really pick up legs/feet up and not shuffle.

I have a whole lot of strength work to do to be the kind of athlete I’d like to be.

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