Do My Core Muscles Exist?

I am not sure I have a core. Perhaps I do have a core, but made of Jello.

A core of wet noodles.

All I know is I do not have abs of steel.

The question is, have I ever had good core muscles? I think I did. It was a while ago, though. I don’t think I can blame my lack now on C-section for the first baby because I seem to recall back in my Jazzercise mania of the early ’90’s, I had some decent core strength. But it could be a trick of memory. You can be skinny, cardio-fit, and able to jump around a lot (which I was/could), yet still have the Jello core.

Last night, we did some core exercises after our run workout. I got a lot out of the run workout–it was fun to chase folks and in turn, be chased by others. There was a lot of emphasis from Coach on my form as I was coming and going on the hills. Strengthening my core is going to help me with issues I have with my form, which have an affect on my stride, which then impacts my speed.

I want to be faster, so I need to practice running faster…and I need to improve my form…so here comes the core stuff.

It’s funny how little of the stuff I can do that requires me to pull my legs up while laying down. Crunches, no problem. I start to fade on the plank stuff, but I’ve at least been working on that already thanks to Coach Amy and Ironman training. But ask me to roll over on my back and bring my legs a bit off the ground, and I have real difficulty.

Add that whole scissor movement in there, and I have to rest…a bunch.


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