Random Thoughts/Observations

  • Bike ride with Cathy on Sunday but my head was really elsewhere. It was a good ride. Odd to notice at the end of our South MoPac loops that legs, water bottles, everything, were covered in a fine black powder from the road.
  • I like riding my bike after a long run; it makes my legs feel so good. This is another thing that shows I’m a runner more than a triathlete, because I know I should be riding long and then running long, but I just don’t wanna.
  • Monday morning, I snuck in a 10K neighborhood loop. It was like running through a wet layer of gauze. I was slow and sweaty but felt like I worked well.
  • We drove the girl child to Nacogdoches yesterday. Worst part was watching the boy child tear up in the driveway as he hugged her goodbye. The hubby and I needed some time to have a drink and compose ourselves before the ride home (thanks, sweetie).
  • I enjoyed spin class. It was fun today…and it just so happened that indoor cycling was on TV at the gym, so I could look over and pretend I was a speedster during the sprint portions.

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