Things Just Keep Looking Up

I’ve not been good about writing but that’s okay, because these weeks are acting as a transition time for me. I’ve had some stuff to take care of and I sorted through my thoughts and came to some goals. And I’m VERY excited to get back to it!

Setting New Goals

My primary goal is going to be a new 50K PR at Palo Duro Canyon in October. I’m so very, very happy when I’m on the trails, and I really enjoyed that race. I know I have plenty of time to get ready, even though I’m not coming off of the super base that I had the last time around. My schedule is going to allow me to take advantage of the Hill Country Trail Runners group runs, namely the Wednesday night run from HOL and the Sunday Ken’s Loop. Trail runners are a nice bunch of people, and I look forward to meeting some new folks and reviving some friendships.

Then, I’m going to do San Antonio Rock ‘n Roll Marathon with friends. I’m not picking a time goal–shoot; all I have to do is run under 5:00 and it’ll be a good time for the last few years. I’ll be coming off Palo Duro and the overdistancing will be good for me. The best thing will be the general wackiness and good times that always go with a road trip with my buddies.

The other exciting thing is I’m working out a training program for myself that is Lydiard-based. And by that, I mean it’s Lydiard’s program tweaked only ever so slightly to fit me. It’s going to be a grand experiment; I’ve done programs that embrace some of Lydiard’s concepts, but none that were true to his principles. Lydiard runs every day; he is not strict on mileage (in fact, it’s time-based); doesn’t care if it’s road or trail; the big long distances are achieved by multiple runs in a day; the athlete guides the schedule.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out for me.

So between now and June 20 is base-building time for me; runs are just for time at a steady state. I began working out with a swimming group last Monday for fun and fitness; I love to swim, and it makes me feel good to do it regularly. I want my body to be in good, lean shape…and I’m getting there. It’s been a long time since I could say I was happy with the way my body performed AND looked, and I’m focused on being able to be in that place when my races come around.

I’m enjoying watching the Tri Zones women progress–several of them are racing at Trek this weekend, but for most, Danskin Women’s Triathlon the big race. It’s only 5 weeks away for them!


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