Things Are Going Swimmingly

It’s just after 8:30AM and I have already had a workout, read the newspapers, and finished a load of laundry.

It started with the 5:45AM swim.

Normally, I am not an early morning workout person; I like to get up, have my tea, eat a bit, read the papers, and then get on with it after I’ve digested a bit. But I’d missed Monday night’s swim (I was at the Tri Zones’ team leader appreciation get-together–very nice!), so I wanted to get my swim in, and that meant either Wednesday or Friday morning. Today worked into the schedule.

So I rolled out of bed at 5AM, had some tea and a Luna bar in the car as I headed over at 5:20, and then had the workout. It was actually really nice to be swimming that early! It helped to have Eva as my lane buddy and Pam swimming right next to me in the other lane. If I tallied up correctly, we swam about 1700 meters in that hour. So now I feel all stretched out and relaxed for my day!

Last night, I went to the Tri Zones Intermediate workout. We did track, and I got lucky with a partner who was very close to my speed (Cindy, who I often swim with on Monday nights–it just so happened we were wearing the same pink shorts too, lol). My last 400m was 10 seconds slower than my first, but the majority (#2–6) were within 2–3 seconds of each other so I didn’t feel too bad–it was HOT out there.

Because of the team leader get-together, I did a road run Monday morning, my usual 10K loop in the ‘hood. I started out good but petered out around the 4.5 mile mark and actually decided to walk in the last mile or so. It was a very slow 10K, so thank goodness I’m not worrying about speed right now.

Tonight, I’m back at the Hill Country Trail Runners club run. I hope that the early morning swim doesn’t wear me out during the day. I think eating well will be key as to how tonight goes.

On a fun note, yesterday I hosted a luncheon get-together for some of us who are celebrating our first Ironman birthday. We got together and ate, reminisced about Ironman Coeur d’Alene 2008, watched the finisher’s video several times, and got caught up on one another’s lives over the last year and plans for the future. I definitely see another IM in my future…CdA in 2011 sounds like a good plan! And good luck and well wishes to all the Austin folks who are heading to Idaho for this weekend’s race–I hope you have a fantastic experience!

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    1. Cda 2011

      The original plan was CdA in 2010, but it\’s just too soon after all my health issues. I can\’t imagine starting to training in another 6 months. I\’m going to focus on trail and strength and then come back for a sizeable PR in 2011.

      Are you signing up for another one anytime soon, or is there one already on the calendar?

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