Up-Swing, Redoux

So I ran Sunday, and then I followed that with a short run on Monday (which was on my schedule). But everything had moved to my head by Monday and I was horribly congested.  Otherwise, I felt fine, and since I’d had no fever, I went to the massage I’d set up (it was originally supposed to be after my big long run on Saturday, bleh).

I discussed with my therapist whether I should be having a massage, as I was worried about making her sick, but we proceeded. It was great. But I always get congestion with a massage, and by Monday night, I was really miserable.

Tuesday, I ran a low grade fever. All I did all day was eat and lay around. At about 8PM while my boy and I were cooking something for his dinner, I realized that I suddenly felt much, much better…there was no achiness, the congestion had abated, no headache…and when I woke up this morning, I realized I’d slept all night. I’ve actually been happy to get working on things and I feel like I’m out of the slug-like stupor that’s enveloped me most of the last week.

It’s probably perfect that we’ll be out of town this weekend and I won’t be able to get to a long run until Monday or Tuesday. By then, I should be fully back to normal (I’ll have spent almost TWO WEEKS sick or taking it easy) and rarin’ to go.

My problem has been that no running+cool weather=time on my hands, which is equivalent to cooking…which means I’ve done nothing but cook and eat the last couple of days. I’d been watching my food, hoping to drop a pound or two in the month before the race but instead, I’m sure I’ve put on weight. These last two days, especially yesterday when I ate everything in sight, have offset the first few days of being sick when I couldn’t eat anything.

I keep reminding myself that, unlike NYC Marathon last year, this has been a good time in my training to be sick and these next days will be great recovery days.

Better to be healthy and slightly undertrained going into a race than fully trained but sick.


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