Palo Duro (Short Version)

Not quite ready to write a race report for Palo Duro, so here’s the down and dirty:

I didn’t have the day I wanted. Yeah, I think I can figure out some mitigating circumstances, things that contributed, but the truth of the matter is that some days are just not your day. On those days, the run is work and you’re slow. I actually added time from my 2007 finish, which was 7:24, for a finish of 7:38. I was crushed.

The good things are that I finished, and I finished strong. I problem-solved and worked to improve things rather than giving up and walking. The day was beautiful, and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent in the canyon and with friends. I feel good right now and am looking forward to the next race.

And I am SOOO PROUD of my friend Stacey, who finished her first 50K with a kick-ass time. As I was coming in for my finish, there she was, and knowing that she’d had a wonderful day was like I’d PRed myself. It was a great feeling.

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  1. I\’m sorry you didn\’t have the race you wanted. But I\’m so in awe of you for running your heart out! Seven plus hours is a really really really long time! Do you know how many people can do that? Not many!! Not me! I\’m glad that you can see the good in your day and that there will be another race in your future. For now relax and take good care of yourself. Have that cookie! You earned it!

    1. I was about to comment pretty much the exact same things that Pam already wrote. I think your accomplishment is still truly exceptional. You are seriously among a small group of people in this world that could even complete something like that. I think sometimes we don\’t realize that very much when we hang out a lot with other runners. I personally think you\’re awesome!!

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