Workout Limbo

While I wait for my follow-up appointment and MRI results, I feel like I’m in workout limbo. Right now, I have enough pain that doing anything has a downside. Because I haven’t gotten any better over the last month, I am also gun-shy about making things worse. So I find myself not doing anything at all.

I last went to spinning on Monday. I haven’t done anything since; I intended to spin Wednesday but got caught in the baby-sitting-repair-folks inactivity at home all day. No real excuse for yesterday and today, other than I’m in a funk and walking has lost its charm.

Eh–I just need to get off my ass.

This weekend is Bandera. I see the weather as a gift from God; not that it would’ve been too cold for me during the 50K–on the contrary! I would loved that weather. Nope…I’d planned on camping out in my car tonight, and trying to stay warm overnight in sub-20 degree weather sounds like hell. I hope all my crazy camping friends stay safe and warm out there.

I’ll be taking the daughter back to Nacogdoches tomorrow instead of running. I think I will plan a walk along the Lanana Creek trail before I head back. It’ll be another day of up-and-back driving, which is not good for my back either. Sigh.

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