Almost as Good as the Real Thing

I went out to cheer at 3M Half Marathon this morning. My good friend Dr. Stephanie was running and I wanted to give encouragement since I couldn’t actually run it with her. It was so much fun because my trail running friend Stacey asked if I would cheer with her. I hadn’t seen Stacey since she gently encouraged me to get a second opinion on my “back” problem, and I needed to hear all about her Bandera adventures and get caught up. So we met up to ring cowbells, chat, and be loud at North Loop and Burnet Rd.

Because the race got started so late, we got to see everybody…from the front runners and wheelchair athletes to the very last walkers. I wore my TriZones boa and she wore a funny bird mask and we whooped it up and soaked up all the energy streaming past. I think cheering for runners is almost as good as actually running the race. In fact, I’ve probably stood and cheered at 3M as many times as I’ve run it.

I did catch Dr. Stephanie as she came by, and I jumped in for just a short little run around the corner and up the hill. She looked great! Another successful half marathon under her belt–that’s got to be 5 or 6 now. I’m so happy for her.

Monday is my third therapy session and, afterwards, I will get to try a run. I CAN’T WAIT!!

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  1. I agree … cheering on other runners is just as much (and sometimes more) fun than actually running a race! And it means so much to the runners … I still remember at last year\’s 3M how much it cheered me up to see you at a very tired point in my race. 🙂

    So glad the therapy session for your hamstring is going well … can\’t wait to hear how the run goes, and really can\’t wait until you are good as new!

    – Marcia

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