Today Was The Day

Today was my first run in 23 days. I’d cut back my running to about twice a week (painfully)starting on December 1, and my run on January 3 was so bad that I immediately stopped running at all. So, essentially, for the last two months, I’ve done little to no running.

I went to therapy yesterday and everybody agreed I had the all-clear to try a run. I was warned that I might need to walk/run but the girl who does my taping and shows me exercises told me that it probably wouldn’t be as bad as I thought, seeing as I’d tried to keep some aerobic activity going through spinning and walking.

Today turned out to be just the kind of day I love, sunshiney and a bit cooler. Because of some home repair stuff going on, I had to wait until noon to get out, which is fine by me (I MUCH prefer to run in the later part of the day). I’d originally thought I’d head down to Lady Bird Lake but I decided it would be best to do the last run I did, my 5K neighborhood loop. That was the run that told me my course of action over the preceeding month had not been productive and that I was, in fact, worse. I couldn’t even run all of it and I limped regardless of walking or running. And I hurt.

I headed out with trepidation. The first little bit consisted of me being hypervigilant–did my hip hurt? What was that twinge? Should I feel this bad? And the next thing I knew, I was forgetting to pay attention and just running.

It was clear to me that some pacing felt better than others (I guess there are subtle–or not so subtle–changes in my stride depending on my pace) and for long periods, I was just enjoying myself. Unlike last time, I ran all the way. There was no limping. And I didn’t hurt then, and I don’t hurt now.

Now, I felt like a lumbering cow and I’m still not 100 percent,as I’m sore and aware of “the spot.” But I’d say I’m 90 percent, and looking at all my beautiful, fit friends last night made me vow to get those extra pounds back off. I’ll run again tomorrow and go back for therapy on Thursday. My big challenge now is to make sure I ramp up properly and keep myself healthy.

It feels so good!!

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