A Lot of Healing Can Happen in a Month

It’s been one month since I last posted. When there’s a long time between my posts, it makes me realize how much I’ve progressed; there is just so much to write about!

Every week sees real improvement. I went to my doctor last Wednesday for my ten-week follow-up appointment. He said I was doing remarkably well, even showing me on my x-ray that my fracture has pretty well fused, and told me TWO MORE WEEKS in the boot. I’m supposed to gradually build up to being out of it all day (with the exception that, if I know I’m doing something really strenuous, I’ll put it back on). So, for example, I wore it yesterday while I did yard work and while doing chores in the morning but then took it off all the rest of the day while I did fun stuff and sat.

The really GREAT news is that, once I’m out of the boot, I’m out of everything. No additional brace, nothing. I’ll start physical therapy as soon as I get it set up (I’m calling today), and I’ll be able to take walks. Still no impact stuff, but I have enough flexibility and stamina now that I can actually get what feels like a workout from the elliptical, treadmill, stationary bike, and rowing machine.

Activity I Can Do Now

I finished up the Tri Zones’ swim clinic able to do so much more than when I started. At first, I couldn’t push off the wall; I had to use my buoy to get through sets because kicking all the time hurt and wore me out.  By the end, not only was I pushing off and kicking almost 100 percent of the time, I had wedged my foot into my fin and was able to do a little kick set!

I can complete a 5K on the elliptical at under an 11-minute mile pace, though that is a real workout (my heart rate actually climbs to 150!). I can row 1K on the erg machine, when at first I could barely bend my ankle enough to return to the “start” position. I can walk up and down stairs relatively normally.

Workout Consequences=Swelling

Yeah, my foot/ankle gets really sore and I limp a lot. By the end of the day, my ankle is very swollen. Ice packs and Epsom salt soaks are my dear friends. There is still bruising on my foot, and a little part of my scar is tagged down; this means that, when my ankle swells, that spot looks like a giant dimple. Flats are all I can wear (though I am just so happy to be wearing two matching shoes!) but I did manage to put on heels for our recent extended family portrait.

I got a pedicure and it was so nice to see my feet and toes looking pretty. I got to go with the hubby to Mexico, and lying out on the beach and hanging out in the pool made me feel so dang normal (walking in the sand was a huge ordeal but I COULD DO IT, whereas several weeks ago, I couldn’t have done it at all).

It makes me so happy to hear about my friends’ running and triathlon-ing adventures. People have worried that it bothers me because I can’t do any of it; not at all. I don’t feel deprived; I just have a different row to hoe for the next bit. I’m sure I’ll be back to things before I know it. In fact, I had not asked the doc at all about running but he told me that, if I’m walking a couple of miles comfortably by June 1, I can start to add some bits of running into my walks. Right now, I’m just looking forward to those boot-free long walks!

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