Walking Through A Normal Day

Yesterday was the most normal I’ve felt since February 5.

I put on my running shoes in the morning to go for a short neighborhood walk with the hubby and left them on all day. My foot feels best in them, probably because they are the most supportive shoes I have (summer shoes, that is; I have some very supportive clunky winter shoes). The boot stayed upstairs in the bathroom, all alone.

There were even sections of the day where I forgot all about my ankle.

I didn’t take my running shoes off until I sat down to watch TV after dinner. There was only minimal swelling and an ice pack helped immensely. Before bed, I had a nice warm soak with Epsom salts to top it off.

Today, I’m going to go invest in a good pair of summer shoes. Some kind of supportive sandal with straps (no flip flops, which are pretty hard on my ankle). I love an excuse for a new pair of shoes.

I’ve got my first PT appointment on Tuesday, and I’m super excited about it!


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