It’s Been ‘Way Too Long

I was thinking about my blog over the weekend and realized that I missed writing in it. I’ve let it go too long…there’s so much stuff that I’ve neglected to write about that I really should have.

Ironically, it was the blogging I was doing at Formula One that made me think of this blog. It’s not that hard to sit down and dash out a quick update. It doesn’t have to be all that fancy or in depth. It’s a lot like maintenance runs:  you just need to do it to keep those skills up.

I went a whole week without running. That’s not like me, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve worked so hard at a job. Not because my bosses are slave drivers (they aren’t) but because I truly love what I’m doing. It was thrilling and exciting to cover that race, to chase down stories, compile data, be on the very cutting edge of a big sporting event as it unfolds. That’s the stuff I really like to do. Sometimes, it’s easy to get lost in the tedium and miss the fun stuff.

The track was tough this morning. My body felt really creaky and totally polluted from all the complete crap food I’ve eaten over the last week. Ugh.  The week of Thanksgiving is not a notoriously good one to purge one’s diet.  Sigh. I’m going to try not to be in a world of hurt by Christmas when it comes to my weight. I’ve got too many goals to work on, none of which benefit from extra pounds.

You can read my 2012 Formula One print coverage here:


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