More Adventures of the Comeback Trail

Despite my best intentions, I’ve allowed a lot of time to pass since my last entry. Tsk, tsk. But so much is happening–and so fast!–that I’m having a hard time keeping up with the living, much less the recording.

There are worse problems.

Since Hell’s Hills, I’ve done two more events (The Maze 30K and Pandora’s Box of Rox Trail Marathon). Yeah, I went from a 25K to a 42K in one month. So it’s probably not surprising that there was some truly ugly running mixed in with some stellar efforts. However, I can honestly say that EVERY experience yielded positives and I learned quite a bit about myself, ego, and recovery.


2 thoughts on “More Adventures of the Comeback Trail

  1. I am so in awe of your comeback. This is all part of your journey. And it’s making you one mentally strong, mentally tough runner, even more than you already were! Love your tales of Miss Whiner and Clueless!

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