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Last time I wrote, I was coming off a bad day. So I thought I would look back at the last few days and focus on all the good stuff that’s been going on.

Wednesday 9/19  I took the doggie for a one hour walk and then hit Great Northern for a short fast run. It felt great–each half mile progressively faster.

Thursday 9/20  What a great swim workout! There were so few people there, it was like a private lesson. I actually FELT improvement and saw it. Paul Latimer was the drop-in coach and he was fabulous: so personable and supportive with feedback and criticism. We are so lucky here in Austin to have all this amazing athletic talent working with weekend athletes–how many swimmers get to work with conference record holders?

Friday 9/21  Hit the veloway for some mindless riding (6 laps in 1:08 just running out the legs) and had a kick ass 20 minute run afterwards. I felt great. I was having some difficulty with shifting; I took my bike right in to Buck’s and my mechanic buddy not only fixed it for free but explained to me what to do myself in the future.

Saturday 9/22  After I slept in, I did my favorite St. Eds/Forest Ridge trail run at a quick pace that felt easy. The only down side was some pollen from bushes with yellow flowers made my legs break out, so I spent the afternoon in a Benadryl haze. But, hey, I got caught up on my sleep!

Sunday 9/23  Best workout. Hubby and I joined up with some training buddies to ride 40 miles of the Longhorn Half Ironman bike route and then my friend Claire and I ran for 30 minutes. We went a little faster than usual and I felt wonderful–the hills rode better than they’d looked in the car when I drove the course. And anytime I can remotely run with Claire is a great day for me.

This week was a fall-back week and, boy, did I need it after last week’s monster load of 14:24 hours.
September 16-22, 2007 workouts
swim           2:30
bike            2:38
run              2:46
total             7:54

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