Workout? I Think So.

This morning I did a long road run (14+ miles). It was my first time in a long time to do a long run by miles as opposed to time. Also, it was the first time in a long time to run with a large mass of people.

While I found I didn’t mind running miles, I sure do mind a mass of people. I’ve gotten spoiled with small groups.

The run was HOT and SWEATY. My calves were amazingly crampy towards the end.

Soccer Hell

I got home and cooled off, lazing around reading a book, until it was time to go to boy child’s soccer game. Now, I was looking forward to this game as it was inside–not outside in the blazing sun.

It was inside all right…inside a gym with no air conditioning. I quickly became a mess of sweat. There were three games going on simultaneously; the poor kids were drenched and sunken-eyed. You know it’s bad when it feels better to stand outside. By the time we got home, I was just wiped out.

The combo of two exceptionally heated activities knocked me out for the day. I was useless.

Forgetting That Workout

So while I was being useless, I decided to update my running log. I have kept logs religiously all the years I’ve run, and they are wonderful to have and fun to look back through. However, when I don’t have a real schedule and life is busy, sometimes I get behind on my entries. This wasn’t a problem in the past but lately I’ve found there are days about which I simply and completely draw a blank.

Like this last Wednesday…I cannot tell you if I worked out at all.

It’s gone.

I absolutely hate that.

Tomorrow will be a nice ride. I’ll be sure to write it down right away.

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