Ouch, or That Class Kicked My Butt

That Cardio Agility class managed to find several muscles in my body and completely trash them. OMG, it was like after a hard marathon–I was in more pain than I was after Ironman!!

Clearly, I have some weak areas.

So I headed off today to a new running group at a bit less than peak performance. In fact, I wasn’t too sure I could run much at all. But I was trying out Meredith Terranova’s running group and did not want to miss it.

It turned out that I could run, though in a somewhat wonky fashion, with relatively little pain. There was running and some strength stations, and my achy muscles gave me trouble with the step ups (Coach Meredith just had me skip the lunges altogether). I was thrilled with the group.

  1. It’s a daytime group.
  2. There actually was a group–four other women were there.
  3. I fit right in the middle: not too slow, not too fast.
  4. Coach Meredith immediately jumped on what needs work in a positive instructional way.

Since there will be times I’ll need to go to the night group, I’m going to stop by the workout tonight to get a feel for that group as well. After Coach Meredith gets back from her race, we will sit down and work out a schedule to incorporate all those things I have in the wings (running faster at the Longhorn Half Ironman, getting back a solid marathon base at New York City, perhaps running White Rock Marathon–that really depends on NYC–and doing the 50K at Bandera).

I might want to try for a decent 3M Half Marathon in all that, and who knows about AT&T Austin Marathon?

It was just such a nice atmosphere and works well into my schedule and what I need for me. I’ve very excited!

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