Love Note to My Bike

My darlin’ Clementine,

I hope you are enjoying your trip up to Idaho with the other bikes in TriBike Transport. I missed you sorely today. While I don’t mean to denigrate my trusty old steed, it just wasn’t the same. The ride was only two hours, but it sure seemed longer.

I missed the way you fit just right and how I am able to clip in and out with ease (and without thinking). I don’t have to tip you ‘way over to swing my leg around. I had no aerobars to get all relaxed in. And, while it’s really not Old Blue’s fault, you have the nice comfy saddle and she has the hideously tortourous old saddle. Aack…two hours was about all I could take.

You’re in the van along with Claire’s bike; she was out there with us on a beautfiul borrowed bike (another Guru). Please don’t tell her bike that she loved the borrowed bike quite a bit.

We warmed up on the veloway and zipped around South MoPac a couple of times. It was a good morning, once I got  out there…you should have heard the griping before.

The next time I see you will be in Idaho! We’ll have a short ride or two before the big day. I am really looking forward to riding you again.

Your loving rider,


2 thoughts on “Love Note to My Bike

  1. Heehee, “yes, I was riding another bike, but I was thinking of you” … but it’s still being unfaithful if you ride another when your true love leaves town!

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