Suitcase Shuffle

Today has been a day of hopping from one thing to another, wrapping up stuff that needed to get done before I head out of town. This week has been weird; having the middle child home makes it feel like summer, and the youngest has had finals, which means a different and  erratic schedule. Hubby out of town again which in some ways is easier and in other ways harder–one less schedule to keep track of, yet less help and company around the house.

Looking Ahead to Pocatello Trail Race

The forecast in Pocatello has changed…to include rain. I don’ t mind running in the rain, but I do mind cold rain. The temperature on Saturday is predicted to be a low of 35 and a high of 50, with a 50 percent chance of rain. So I’m adding some things to the suitcase that I hadn’t previously thought I’d include. I’m trying not to think about mud….

Helping Prep for Danskin

Yesterday, the Tri Zones group was out at Decker Lake to run the Danskin course. I went out early and flagged, and then I was sweeper and pulled flags as the group finished up.

It was hot and muggy out there, and I was a very effective sweat machine. I sweat at the drop of a hat these days; the issue now is sweating through my pants when I’m sitting out doors! (TMI, right?) But I had the perfect ending to the day:  an evening swim.

The last Wednesday of the month is “Bring a friend” day at Pure Austin, and some friends invited a few of us to come bike and swim. I bowed out on the bike (I really didn’t need to do an additional workout during taper week, as tempting as it was) but showed up for the swim and paddle boarding in the Quarry. I really do love to swim like that.

When I showed up for my run this morning with Dr. Stephanie, she commented that I seemed frazzled and spacey. I was/am. Can’t focus, flitting from thing to thing, doing a lot of random eating that has nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with fidgetiness.

I’m getting ready to head out to visit with some friends at a happy hour, then I will meet up with the family –oldest child and her significant other are included–to go out to dinner. All that’s left to do is put together my food for tomorrow and lay out clothes for in the morning.

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